Casino 888 getting started!

888 Casino is one of the most popular, as well as most reliable online casinos that you can choose from. There’s no doubt that if fits into Top 10 choices most starters will prefer, when setting up new account. The generous bonus system, classy design, trustworthiness and extremely helpful customer support are only some, of the many advantages this virtual casino has. Although the classy website offers detailed explanation how to start, newbie players are often concerned not to make a mistake. There are few simple steps you have to follow and sooner rather than later you’ll find yourself in the virtual world of gambling, adrenaline and stunning winnings!

Getting started

Without any doubt, a huge advantage of 888 Casino is the chance to choose between downloadable lobby-software and the integrated Flash version of the casino. The second one has limited options but loading all the features may be a hard task if you have slow internet connection in addition to old device. That’s why most players prefer to download and install the software, rather than wait for centuries for the Flash version to load. In the “Getting started” menu of the website you’re provided with step-by-step illustrated guideline of how and what to do to install the application. You can be sure that the software you’re downloading is safe, secure and legitimate. That’s why in most cases you have to simply click Next button until the installation completes.

Creating an account

In the next section named “First Time Play” again you’ll find tutorial with photos how to create your account. In addition your personal details, you’ll have to provide some contact information that serves as verification. What’s best here is that you can choose your own super-cool username (this option isn’t available in many other online casinos). You might be thinking that this isn’t a big deal. Well, just think what sort of automatically generated username you’ll get if your name is Ivan Marvin Cunt (random name), for instance. I’m sure that the initials already popped-up in your head and you must confess that no matter how good player you’re, it’s not really a respect-provoking username to get. Once you set up your username and password you’ll receive an automatic email with these details; do NOT lose them!

Your first steps

There are many players that join online casinos only for fun, without the true intentions to bet real money or join tournaments or live games. It’s not excluded, but in most of the cases you either deposit some real money or you stop playing at all. In case you want to deposit, here is what the bonus system consists of:

Welcome bonus for “newcomers”

888 Casino offers you the chance to match your deposit and receive up to €140 bonus or the approximate equivalent of $200 to a given currency. This is a 100% matching of your first deposit and is a subject to wagering requirement in order to guarantee safe and fair play.

Unlikely other virtual casinos, here you’re now being tempted with seducing 300,400 or $1000 welcoming bonus. It’s obvious that in most cases your bonus will be 100% only the first time. With any subsequent deposit, the bonus percentage decreases. It’s important to know that these are psychological strategies of casinos to attract new players and to engage them in putting in more money in their account as opposed to what they truly want to deposit. The trick is that you might think funding your account with $100 only, but what if you can get a second full matching bonus for your second deposit, too? Well, some beginners will be tempted for sure because at this certain moment they won’t quite care about the difference between $100 and $200 but about the “free” money they’ll get.

On the website of Casino 888 multiple banners are redirecting you to daily, weekly or monthly promotions, live games and other welcome package bonuses. This is being made for the sake of the comfort, the customer satisfaction and for increasing your chances to find what best suits you. Many players are not absolutely proficient with all types of software and the team from 888 took care that you won’t miss any jaw-dropping offer that might bring you the big jackpot. Good luck!


The one thing that many casinos lack is a great range of games

They even have support teams speaking 11 different languages, so communication is certainly not going to be a problem!

With an online casino you want to be able to get your money in and out as fast as possible

888 casino is an online casino world leader for a reason. There strong points cover the whole board. They offer an excellent range of games, a great customer support team, stunning graphics and better still, deposits and withdrawals are effortless!

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